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My name is Sebastian Strzelecki,
I’m a traveler, a photographer and a loving husband.

“What makes a photograph a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time.” – John Berger

Originally, I started with a quite extensive portfolio of umpteen years of UI/UX design, but since I’m deeply interested in photography and travel in my spare time, I turned the focus of this page a little to this hobby.

I’m mainly interested in people as well as architectural shots, but personally I feel more at home in nature or urban environment – if I actually find the time to grab my camera .

I am quite ambitious, but not every shot is a success. All the more I am happy if one or the other attempt is successful and makes it to my site.

It all started ages ago with a Polaroid camera, but I really can’t remember that much anymore. For years I followed the trend, tried out the first real digital camera shots and then ended up with my first digital SLR camera. But SLR is not the same as SLR. Starting with a Canon from the entry-level segment, I have finally arrived at my 5D MK II after further, larger models. And it was worth it. I don’t have to mention that such a camera – especially in terms of accessories – is a bottomless pit. Well then, equipped with all the necessary and unnecessary stuff around, I’m now on the hunt for the right shot at the right moment.

I hope you like it.

Even if I only pursue my hobby, all pictures are subject to copyright. That may be irrelevant to one or the other, but not to me. So if someone has the intention to use a picture taken by me for his purposes, he should ask me for permission. Thanks for your understanding.

And now have fun browsing 🙂

Sebastian Strzelecki